Being overweight carries burdens that extend way beyond the extra pounds you have to carry around with you. There are the health, emotional and mental tolls... 

I know this first-hand, being personally involved in the struggle to get
my own natural body shape back

I Can Get YOU on the right path to get YOUR SHAPE BACK Permanantly!
If you want to REGAIN your natural body shape, and health and vitality permanently
then this could be the most important webpage you have ever come accross... 
What you need to KNOW to successfully get YOUR SHAPE BACK

Ask yourself these questions...

Are you tired of losing some weight - and then gaining even more back again?
Do you want to lose weight without endless suffering?
Do you need to lose weight for health and vitality reasons - and to be attractive again?
Are you fed-up of hearing all about the latest fad 'Diets' and programs that temporarily treat only the 'symtoms' of weight gain - not the CAUSES?
If you answered YES to any of these questions,
make sure you read this page to its end!
 Yes   No
 Yes   No
 Yes   No
Yes   No
You're About to Discover a Radical Approach to Weight Loss
That Addresses The 
CAUSES of Weight Gain
Rather Than Just Treating The 'Symptoms' of it! 
Who am I to promise I can help YOU Lose Weight ?(permanently)
WHO AM I? - I have no 'official' medical qualifications to impress anyone with - regarding  diet, nutrition and weight loss. I have had no establishment training in these subjects. I do not have any certificates, or letters after my name in this area. I do not use all the clinical confusing terminology associated with these topics, and I intentionally avoid reliance on all the  psuedo 'scientific' studies that are always 'coming to light...'!
However, it is because of this that I can confidently claim to be offering more GENUINE, EFFECTUAL and VALID INFORMATION here than most so-called 'experts' and doctors.
My own very  extensive research and studies have not been mandated or controlled, by anyone else. I have been under no pressure to conform to mainstream (lucrative) group-think, or big pharma. I'm not relying on making my living from this, so I have NO obligation to ensure my work is profitable for someone... and above all, I have a FREE mind, not biased or limited by indoctrination.
I can promise you, from all my other panoptic studies about life and reality, and dot-connecting, that most other journals and publications about weight loss and 'Diets', are essentially limited, by the very fact that their 'expert' ('certified' in something) authors have had 'officially' recognised medical or 'scientific' training of some sort... It does not take a rocket scientist to see that whatever all these so-called 'certified' experts in weight loss have been saying and (profitably) promoting for the past 20 years is obviously NOT working.
Otherwise why are there still so many overweight and obese people around? In fact there are now more people who are overweight in modern society than have normal weight.
Clearly they are all getting something wrong!
The truth is:  Being Overweight is NOT  Your Fault!
You now know a little about my background in the field of weight loss. I was determined to get my own natural body shape and health back after 40 years of unwittingingly abusing my body by eating processed food. My research led me to the KNOWLEDGE that promises to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It has the power to enable even very obese people to regain their natural body shape. I hope can understand the  flaws and limitations in only treating the 'symptoms' rather than addressing the 'causes' of weight gain, because I want you to realise that you CAN lose all the weight I promise you..
When you learn about this unique, holistic, weight loss and rejuvenated health, and general well being program, when you learn the dark secrets about the world-wide contagion of weight gain and obesity, you will wonder why you didn’t realise this from the start. You must understand that you gaining weight is NOT your fault. You have simply been indoctrinated to think it is. The human body does not naturally crave manufactured food – we have been trained to desire this food, and to eat too much of it... for reasons of PROFIT!
But there's more! Not only will you lose even stubborn belly fat, what you will learn will also dramatically improve your overall energy and zest for life. And all other ailments associated with being overweight will also disappear. Dare I say, you will be sexy again! (This applies to men and women)

THE 'SECRETS' you are about to learn are SO POWERFUL, SO GAME-CHANGING, it could make a big part of the medical industry obsolete. And that would cost the 'experts' (and many doctors) to lose THOUSANDS in salary and big pharma BILLIONS in profit. Yes it IS that BIG.

Sadly, for far too many people, money rules every decision, every rationale, and every course of action. Stop beating yourself up for not knowing what you are SO CLOSE to learning. Give yourself credit for finding this site and finally finding a pathway to a new you. Let’s go on this journey to get your shape back together!

I really can ENSURE your success... IF you really want it
Finally, there is now a UNIQUE Approach to weight reduction - that cannot fail you!
Weight Loss Pills, Potions, and Supplements...
The greatest temptation you'll find, when you're searching for ways to lose weight - is for the 'easy quick' fix of simply taking  so-called 'weight loss' pills, potions and supplements.
Despite all their hype and sales pitches - I can 100% categorically state now that NO pill, potion, or supplement that you come across will 'magically' cure all your weight problems by itself!
Think a little critically about this.... what are you going to do if you do find a supplement that does actually cause an initial weight drop. Take the pills for the rest of your life to maintain the weight loss? Regardless of the ridiculous expense of doing this – think of the physiological effects of becoming addicted to endless supplements (no matter how natural they are claimed to be).
I will tell you now that I DO recommend taking certain natural supplements, as an AID to weight loss – but NOT as the solution to weight gain. Under certain circumstances some 'fat-burning' natural substances WILL help significantly on your holistic weight loss journey – if for nothing more than creating initial success and therefore motivation for you to want more success...
In the My Shape Back course not only do I recommend a range of effective supplements – I help you to afford them by offering very significant discounts.
When it becames clear to you that so many doctors are actually hiding this immoral information for their own profitable purposes, you may be shocked, but not overly surprised. Unfortunately we live in a dog-eat-dog world. Most people are just out for themselves.
The thing that is truly awful, that I am going to reveal to you, is we as human beings, have been indoctrinated and virtually mind-controlled - over the past fifty years, to deliberately abuse our own bodies. For the purposes of future PROFITS for the 'Food' Industry, and Big Pharma.
This overt deception that I’m going to debunk - involves a knowledge that very few people know or talk about. Modern 'Food' is deliberately and scientifically designed to make you fat – and unhealthy.
Your body needs natural nutrition - not 'manufactured' food.
Some processed food products are even dubbed as 'healthy' and necessary for wellness. They are promoted by the "health and wellness" industries, not only for immediate profit purposes, but also for longer-term future profits wrung from your declining health, and dependence on expensive pharmaceutical drugs down the line. Most so-called 'Diet' foods cause autoimmune diseases and shut down your fat-burning systems making it nearly impossible to lose weight, and end up increasing blood pressure levels as well! 
Don’t Believe the Gurus and 'Experts' Who Try to Hawk Pricey Personal Training and Fitness Programs. They're Looking for a Quick Buck – Many Bucks in Fact
'Fitness' is also another highly profitable industry built upon a myth. Yes, you need to be moderately fit - but, you don't need endless workouts to lose weight.
Yes, these "professionals:" seem to walk the walk. They are in great shape and paint a tempting picture. However, the reason trainers can devote hours to their own fitness is they are charging absurdly high hourly rates and getting suckers to buy in. 
They have the necessary lifestyle because people are desperate enough to pay them at a premium. 
Getting involved in 'fitness' is actually counter-productive to long-term weight loss, as you will find out...
Trust me – these "experts" do not want the information you are about to learn getting out en masse. It would be GAME OVER for their careers.
But this is YOUR life! Isn’t that most important? 
The obesity epidemic is a world-wide crisis that is keeping millions of people deathly sick.
When it comes to public health, you would think that the priority would be wellness not wallets. Unfortunately, this has proven to be the reverse. Isn’t it time to change that? I wish I had the governmental pull to change laws and expose the power brokers who are engaging in this scandal.
What I can do is offer the alternative that worked for me and enhanced my life beyond regognition. Once YOU learn how to rid your body of health-destroying fat, your life will never be the same. But you need to take action. The Profit Makers are doing everything possible to silence this message and keep you their unwitting victim.  Remember the old proverb - ' a stitch in time saves nine'! The sooner you begin the journey to getting Your Shape Back - the less time and effort it will require.
Today you can access the life-changing advice and knowledge, so many
are trying to keep hidden from you for
a LOT less than you're thinking...
I could spend the next three pages convincing you how much this information is worth to your whole future wellbeing . However,  you know yourself how much having your health and vitality and  natural body shape back is worth to you ... and it's a heck of a lot more than a few Bucks - right? ​​​​​​
I regained my natural body shape back after  more than 40 years of abusing it - so I know
my results can be SUCCESSFULLY and PERMANENTLY replicated! 
 I can promise you have not seen this UNIQUE information before
This is where you need to be - when ALL the other (for profit) weight-loss programs have failed you!
This REAL Weight Loss Strategy - is a Holistic Approach, Based on YOUR  Own Personal Situation and Circumstances...
That Will ENSURE  You Gain Success in Getting YOUR SHAPE BACK
Are You Ready to Get this Information That Could  Save You 
Ever Deepening Despair and Frustration Caused by
The Malific Profit-Makers?
I call this the...
The ULTIMATE Guide to Losing weight and
Regaining Your Natural Body Shape
because this is far more than just another weight loss publication, dealing with the 'symptoms' of weight gain
– and all the (for profit) 'Diets' tips and tricks and regimes they promote.
It is the introduction to a thorough holistic course that
will ensure your permanent weight reduction, by a complete change of your mindset and force you to get YOUR natural body SHAPE BACK
This is a thoroughly, impeccably researched treatise, based on personal experience, about the uncomfortable truth of the real underlying causes of weight gain – and how you can reverse the circumstances that are causing it. So that you never regain your lost weight.
Unless you treat the 'causes', and not just the 'symptoms' you will never lose weight permanently... and meanwhile you will put yourself through untold expense and hardship trying.
You can use this knowledge to ENHANCE the effectiveness of any weight loss program you are currently on
Am I Just Promoting a Dream Here
Like All The Other Weight-loss Products?
NO - I'm Showing You YOUR Potential Future Reality
There is NO reason You Cannot Get
Some of the things you will learn...
        And MUCH MORE...
If you order this potentially
Life-changing Program today you'll
also get the following BONUSES...

YOUR SHAPE BACK is not just a Book. The book is the (essential) first part of a 10 week HOLISTIC program – delivered by email, that will start you on – and ensure you stay on, the right path to losing all the weight you want. And not only getting your natural shape back – but also keeping it permanently!

Be All You Were MEANT To Be - Live With HIGHER Vibrations...

EVERYTHING in the whole of existence is the creation of Energetic Vibrations – the higher the frequency that anything vibrates at – the more beneficial it is to the health and well being of a Human Being.
As a self-development mentor it is my purpose to achieve nothing more than raising your Personal Vibrations, (by freeing your mind) to the point where positive
changes in your life become inevitable...
What does it take to build the life you want?
IIt doesn't matter whatever you want from your life, you need one thing more than anything else
and that is... MONEY!
As you already know, proper nutrition is the cornerstone to the improvement of ALL health and weight issues. Unfortunately, - although it shouldn't be
REAL Nutrition costs way more than manutactured food...
So, will need an extra income to help you to finance your new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE
It doesn't matter how much money you want in your life, you need one thing above all else to gain it
and that is...THE RIGHT MINDSET!
Special Bonus #1
Introducing... Making Money Mindset ...   

A very UNIQUE Personal Success Guide - with actionable practical help to ENSURE your financial 
well-being and time freedom and living the life you deserve... 
The Life That is Your Birthright!
 Making Money Mindset
This is the ONLY book you will ever need to ensure  finacial success!
It is far more than just the standard 'get rich' book you have read
many times before...It leads to a holistic approach to being successful in every aspect of your life.
Self Belief
Whatever challenge you have in your life – there IS always a solution…
However, for the solution to lead to permanent changes, rather
than superficial ones you need to learn about yourself – and who
you REALLY are...
The REAL  'Law of Attraction
The approach you should use whenever, you are trying to attract
more money into your life is to forget about money – it's the things
it can buy that will more likely match up to your personal positive
Unique Content
The world is full of individuals acting like sheep following the moronic
chase for money. The multi-millionaire authors are undoubtedly
appealing to these people. On the other hand I help and advise individuals who want to remain individual and retain their personal integrity, in their journey to financial success.
Download a copy of this Powerful and UNIQUE book and begin your journey to Personal Success in anything you want - by gaining the right mindset - and earning enough money to finance all the changes in your life that you will ever need to make.
Special Bonus #2
I do not often swear without emotional provocation – however, it would take a Saint (and I do not profess to be one) not to use profanity when tackling issues concerning the absolute disdain for humanity that has been, and is ever being, shown for everyone else on Earth, by the Corporate Cabals that are effectively running the world.
There is no more apt way of describing the damage this Cabal’s
influence and power has bestowed upon the world and the human
race…except they have ‘fu_ked it up’ for everyone.
In this thesis I explore the ways that life is manipulated to suit the
controlling Cabal and to ensure a 'common Reality' is accepted that
is highly beneficial to them, rather than to each individual.
Most people – with even only a half a working mind are aware of the corruption, degeneracy and total lack of empathy in all corporations, governments and all governing (control) establishments.

Why is this?  It is essentially because we freely allow it to happen through ignorance - or worse, apathy.
Knowing – and reacting to, what is really going on, under your nose, is your only way to mitigate against the gravely harmful effects of being under dominance, and being manipulated into a Reality that severely limits every aspect of your life.
If you want a fulfilled life of ALL' possibilities' and to escape from debt and drudgery and the invidious control that pervades everyday life – I can show
you how you can gain the power to change your own Reality
to whatever you want.
This very UNIQUE impecably researched book will open your eyes to many of the hidden, in plain view, control measures that are shortening your life and ensuring your future (highly profitable) ill-health.
If you are ignorant of something that has seriously negative effects on you – you are a victim. However, true knowledge is a powerful ally and will stop you from being merely the unwitting dupe of the evil profit-makers.

All this highly relevent knowledge WILL help you to maintain your weight loss permanently


Special Bonus #3 & 4
Infinite Wellness - how to achieve it?  There is far more to infinite wellness  than issues relating  to your 'physical', and even to your mental, health. Infinite wellness encompasses your whole being - every facet of your existence. Without infinite wellness you cannot live your life as it was meant to be...
Mindset quotes – An open and free mind allows us to break free of conformity. Of limitation, of ordinariness. It allows us to think critically, to form individual opinion and viewpoints. And above all to question.
The included mindset quotes to live by, helps to broaden viewpoints...
*All these products and trainings are unique and completely original
They are sold as digital downloads - No physical products will be shipped.
Individual results may vary.

 Access / Download NOW, and start, not only losing as much weight
as you need, to get 
but also raise your Personal Vibrations to live the life you desire
The life that IS your Birthright!

10 week - Comprehensive Follow-up Course that takes into account your own personal situation and circumstances, and will keep you on track to ensure you maintain your motivation and desire for success.

This course includes: Highly engaging content that addresses the obstacles and challenges that you may come across on your journey to losing weight - Links to important and useful websites - And HUGE discounts on a range of high-quality supplements and other health and wellness products, which can fast-track you to (highly motivating) success.

(This NO cost, Passive Income Opportunity has the potential to far more than repay your small investment today)


Yes, you got it right!
You can ACCESS RIGHT NOW my proven OPTIN 50% CONVERSION FORMULA, with a huge discount + my unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee + My bonus package (U$147.00 Value), for the next 24 hours for only U$49,90




ONLY $37.00

Are You Ready to Get All This Information
That I Promise Could (WILL) Change Your Life?
Despite what you may be told and enticed with on the Internet, there are NO short-cuts, or pills and potions (where you can still eat all your favourite 'crap') that will result in permanent weight loss.

Anyone can lose some weight by starving themselves half-to death, or by temporarily increasing their metabolic rate with potions and pills, or by self-denial of social events, or well-being comforts - but this weight loss cannot be sustained.

And why would you want to put yourself through any discomfort to lose your poor eating and health habits, more than once? - For the sake of a hyped-up (profitable - for someone) 'easy and quick' fix.
For weight loss to be a one-time and permanent event you have to take a holistic approach based on your OWN personal circumstances and situation. What works for someone else may not work for you anyway! This is why all the 'emotional' heart-tugging (sales-hype) stories others use to sell their products are ridiculous and a waste of time.

This course is FAR more than just a weight loss program - we take into consideration - and ensure your success, in a variety of other VITAL aspects of your life that are necessary to get your natural, attractive, energised body shape back - permanently! 

This is the concept behind YOUR SHAPE BACK - it is a very UNIQUE and individual approach that is virtually guaranteed to be successful.
There Can be NO Such Thing as a One-Size-Fits-all Weight Loss Program or 'Diet'
Is There a Money-Back Warrenty? 
 Of Course There is! 
I want no one's money if they cannot resonate with me and my teaching.
I exist in the dense 3D world – but, I 'live' in a higher vibration dimension.
The last thing I would EVER do is take anyone's hard-earned money
for nothing. My personal integrity is far too important to me.

My goal in this life is not to gain personal wealth - but to change other people's lives for the better (that includes yours)

I already support many people who are disadvantaged - and proceeds
from this program will enable me to financially help more...
If you find NO personal value with this information - I can ONLY suggest that you are not yet ready to do what is necessary to gain your own Personal Success and if that's the case with you...
SIMPLY send me an email - and I will personally Paypal you back
every penny that you have paid me.
This HOLISTIC Weight Loss Strategy Will ENSURE  That You 

You are NOT just purchasing a book here...

Although the YOUR SHAPE BACK  book is the most vital element for ensuring you have the correct mindset - this is also a ten week holistic program, delivered by email, that continues with you on your journey to ensured personal success - I will remain your guide and mentor to help you overcome the problems and challenges that will inevitably come your way
You can imagine how much value other (profit-motivated) vendors would tell you ALL this is worth!
$297.00 - $199.00 - at least, $97.00... etc...
Well, I'm not playing that game...
(Although this IS worth FAR more..

This powerful book
plus the whole 10 week course
plus all the bonuses
plus a way for you to earn all the finances you will need to make a difference in your life
plus HUGE discounts on a wide variety of important vitamins and supplements
plus my personal support and mentorship (via email)

Remember you will also get an introduction to a FREE 
Online business opportunity which will earn you enough money to finance any changes you might need to make  to support your new healthy and  vigorous lifestyle...
Another way in which I can help you to afford to make your journey to regaining your natural weight and body shape - and renewed vigor and zest for life, is by offering very significant discounts on a range of vitamins and supplements and health-enhancing products that will make it much easier for you to get
your shape back 
The savings on just one of these products alone will more than pay for this course

These products are not essential  to this program - however,  they will enhance your overall well-being and health, and fast-track you to success
You are making NO commitment here ​​a TOTAL refund is always available 
I promise you will not be diappointed with this program...

This is not just another gimmicky - short-term 'lose weight while still eating your favourite foods'
or 'lose 20lbs in 20 days by doing nothing except taking this wonderful new discovery'
This is a REAL program for people who want REAL permanent, life-changing results for a change.

I sincerely believe synchronicity brought you to this webpage, because deep-down you want to manifest permanent, positive changes in your life, rather than just go through another over-hyped weight-loss fad.

I'm NOT promising you 'miracle' results by doing nothing - I AM assuring that you CAN get
your shape back...
 me at 63 years young

Geoff Barra
B.Ed (Hons) Leicester DeMonfort University: Education, Sport Fitness, Physiology and Psychology. Qualified in Physical Education. In 2013 studied the equivalent of a PhD in meta-physicality and quantum physics, and all aspects of incorporeal existence. Combined extensive background in physiology, psychology and biology with new found knowledge covering all aspects of ‘reality’ to become a successful self-development mentor.

Still not convinced that this potentially life changing
real weight loss information is for you...
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REAL facts behind losing weight permanently!

Still not convinced this course is for you...

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on a permanent basis 

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